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1544 South Snoqualmie St.
Seattle, WA 98108




Welcome - Rev. Mark Zimmerly

                   Call To Worship - Rev. Lauden Kangele                           

   Let us worship the eternal God,
    the source of love and life, who creates us.
    Let us worship Jesus Christ,
    the risen one, who lives among us.

    Let us worship the Spirit,
    the holy fire, who renews us.
    To the one true God be praise
    in all times and places,
    through the grace of Jesus Christ.

    Let us pray: 
Give your church, O God,
    the grace to serve you with courage,
    that our lives may be a witness to your compassion
    and our actions a testimony to your mercy.
    Through Jesus Christ our Lord,
    by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

                        Call To Confession - Rev. Eliana Maxim                                

The God who demands justice from us
    is the God who pours out mercy upon us.
    Trusting in that gracious love,
    let us confess our sin before God and one another.

Prayer of Confession

God of mercy:
    We confess that we have failed to live
    as your beloved sons and daughters.
    We have turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, a closed mind,
    to innocents killed because of the color of their skin;
    and to our own privilege and power that allows this to happen over and over;
    to those who wander seeking shelter at night; 
    and to our ease with neighborhood gentrification and outrageous housing
    to children who worry about hunger during summer months;
    and to our belief that there is a level playing field in society for all to succeed.     

    Forgive us, we pray.
    Free us from our selfish ways, our passivity and inaction;
    give us eyes to see those standing on corners or sleeping in doorways,
    give us ears to hear the cries of our black brothers and sisters, 
    give us minds willing to engage in the hard truth of what it means
    to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in this world,
    and lead into tangible, just ways to speak and act on behalf of all your beloved,
    as Jesus did, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Declaration of Forgiveness

    Hear the good news!
    Though this sinful world and wayward ways breaks the heart of God,
Christ is merciful to all who turn to him in repentance.
    In the name of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.
    Thanks be to God!
    Let us share the peace of Christ with one another!

Sharing of the Peace

Song - City of Glory Praise Team
        You are Alpha and Omega, we worship you.
        You are worthy to be praised.
        We give you all the glory, we worship you.
        You are worthy to be praised.

Triennium Prayer - Derona Burkholder
Triennium 2016

Scripture - Rev. Colin Robeson


The Lord’s Supper - Rev. Mark Zimmerly & Madrona Grace RE

Blessing & Sending