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1544 South Snoqualmie St.
Seattle, WA 98108



Next Meeting

10/20/15, Tuesday @ 5:00 PM 

Stated Meeting @ Mercer Island PC
3605 84th Ave SE, Seattle, WA 98040


Directions & parking instructions

  • Parking is available at the church.
  • Childcare & special meal requests must be received by Mon., 10/12.


  • Meeting Papers will be posted by Wednesday, 10/14.

Papers Archive

2014 Papers (view in dropbox)
Papers Archive (view in dropbox)

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Meeting Schedule 


01/20/15 - Stated Meeting (Southminster PC)

04/21/15 - Stated Meeting (Overlake Park PC)

05/16/15 - PresbyFest (University PC)

07/21/15 - Stated Meeting (Rainier Beach PC)

10/20/15 - Stated Meeting (Mercer Island PC)

Meeting Updates