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Contact: Executive Presbyter Rev. Scott Lumsden


Seattle, Washington (November 19, 2015)     

The Presbytery of Seattle, the area council of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), composed of all the teaching elders (ministers) and ruling elder representatives from each congregation within the area, met November 17, 2015 for a special meeting and voted to appoint an administrative commission to investigate allegations of ecclesial disorder within the leadership of First Presbyterian Church of Seattle.

The action passed by a vote of 137 to 8, with three abstentions.

The eight-person commission will investigate the church leadership’s ability and willingness to exercise its authority and manage wisely its affairs. The commission will take appropriate action to remedy any omission, error, or misdeed. Included in the commission’s work may be the potential dismissal of the congregation to another Reformed body under the presbytery’s Communal Discernment and Gracious Dismissal Policy.