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9/24: Gun Violence Documentary Screening @ Newport

9/24: Gun Violence Documentary Screening @ Newport

Newport Presbyterian Church to Host Community Wide Event

Documentary screening and discussion on gun violence

Seattle, like many communities across the nation, has been impacted by gun violence.  The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has produced a documentary titled “Trigger:  The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence” that examines the ripple effect one shooting has on a survivor, a family, a community and a society.  It is told from the perspective of those who have been directly impacted and those who are called daily to respond to this ongoing tragedy.    

  • Newport PC (map)
9/26-28: Faith Forming Faith Training Event

9/26-28: Faith Forming Faith Training Event

What is “Faith Forming Faith” and why should I want it for my church?  Every healthy congregation wants to share its greatest treasure: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Faith Forming Faith is a lay-led process of shaping disciples of Christ and nurturing people – especially those new to the church - in a life-long journey of faith through small group study, table fellowship, and mentoring.

  • First PC Snohomish (map)
10/17-18: Safe & Healthy Congregations Training

10/17-18: Safe & Healthy Congregations Training

This two-day training, offered by InFaith Community Foundation and facilitated by FaithTrust Institute, is designed to help Christian pastors and lay leaders understand the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence and the ramifications of violence on individuals, the church and the community. It also equips churches to develop protocols to protect victims, prevent future harm, and respond effectively and sensitively to victims/survivors, their families, and abusers. Location will be in the Seattle area (SeaTac), details TBA.