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Presbytery Council is composed of the Moderator, Vice Moderator, Past Moderator, Moderator of Presbyterian Women, four clergy members-at-large and four elder members-at-large. Presbytery staff have voice but not vote on the committee.

The Council encourages the work of Committees and Ministry Teams, recommends program priorities to the Presbytery, considers and makes recommendations on bills and overtures presented to the Presbytery, nominates persons to serve on the Presbytery Nominating Committee and formulates the proposed docket for Stated Meetings of the Presbytery.

2015 Council meeting dates: January 13, March 17, June 16, September 15, December 15.

Council Contact Information

You can email Council at

Scott Anderson, TE, Council Moderator
Scott Mann, TE, Presbytery Moderator
Ben McConaughy, RE, Presbytery Vice Moderator
Todd Peterson, RE
Colleen Chinen, RE
Lindsay Murphy, TE
Karen Cunningham, RE, Pastor Presbytery Moderator
Joan Wilson, Presbyterian Women Moderator
Jennifer Jensen, RE
Jeff Schulz, TE
JP Kang, TE

Additional Documents

SeaPres Mission Grants

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